Character Profiles.




These are some character profiles of the key characters in Wyrd Calling. 


Role: Protagonist.

Thalia is a hot-headed, wild-child. She loves to dance, drink, steal, flirt, and generally have fun. She’s a tri-shifter which means that she has three aspects within her, all of which vie for control and affect her personality. She’s the alpha of the pack and Wyrd Bound. She quite literally belongs to the Wyrd Sisters, and she hates it. She plots her freedom and looks forward to the day when she can finally do as she pleases without worry or concern about the Sisters.


Role: Alpha male of the pack.

Alexei, more commonly called Alex, is Thalia’s ex and the male alpha of the pack. He’s a familial shifter of the canidae genus, that means he can shift into any animal with canine traits, such as coyotes, dingo, wolf, dog, etc. He’s very much calm and cool under pressure which can lead to him being cold and aloof. That being said, he’s very emotional around Thalia and she can wind him up and push him to be much more aggressive than he otherwise is.


Role: Pack member.

Dan is a very confident, manipulative, tri-shifter. He had a particularly unpleasant start in life and has been searching for his place in the world since. That leads to him being cocky, overly confident, pushy, but sharp and a quick learner. He doesn’t often trust or respect people but once he does then he’s incredibly loyal.


Role: Pack member

Ryan’s what’s referred to as ‘a bit of a lad’ in England. He’s a flirt, he loves women and they quite often love him. He has a cheeky grin and a positive outlook on life. He confident, bubbly, and positive. That hides insecurity and concern over always feeling as though he isn’t good enough. He works very hard and wants nothing more than to fit into the pack. He’s loyal to a fault and has a tendency to dive into trouble before considering all the options.


Role: Pack member.

Nik is thoughtful and has a cool head under pressure. He considers all options before he weighs in and puts the pack first. He’s more prone to remaining in the background and assessing the situation, sitting back and learning, before he joins in or makes his presence known. That being said, he can, and will, knock someone out with a single punch if they threaten the pack. He’s calm and rarely shows big emotion, he loves learning and feels calm and at peace when working with his hands. He adores weapons, particularly blades as he admires the craft of metalwork.


Role: Fellow Wyrd Bound.

Lee is someone from Thalia’s past. He’s charming, enigmatic, affectionate, careful, and manipulative. He’s also aggressive and incredibly predatory but that’s hidden beneath a beautiful veneer. Lee’s incredibly loyal and an unusual creature. He was created to be a master of disguise. He can shift to take on the form of anyone or anything, he can also hide his energies. That makes him very dangerous.


There are more characters but I don’t want to give away too much. 😉


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