Scenes From The Wyrd!

I have not one, but two scenes from Wyrd Calling characters to share with you today! They’re not directly from the book, but they are from characters. They’ll add a little bit of something to the story and your understanding of the characters.

Poor Ryan…

Nik had been sceptical at first, but that was his reaction to most things; I knew he’d come around. It was an amazing opportunity; we were going to be working with the Wyrd Sisters, man! My sister was off on the other side of the world saving some selkie colony or something, while I was going to make areal difference. I would finally show everyone that I did have value and a place in the world. I was going to prove them all wrong and prove that I could do more than wander aimlessly. Wasn’t I? I mean, that’s a big job, they’re the Wyrd Sisters. They control the fates of every being, or at least I thought they did. That’s a lot of pressure, I mean, what if I screw it up? Will I accidentally wipe out a country or something? Fuck. Maybe this wasn’t such a good plan after all…

What if poor Ryan really does wipe out a country? Is that possible…? 

There’s so much more to Lee than first meets the eye.

I didn’t know why they had insisted that I approach her this way. There were far more… fun methods, but I wasn’t in a position to argue, much to my chagrin. My heart skipped a beat every time the image of her face came to mind. I wanted nothing more than to hold her close, to run my fingers over her pale skin. I glanced over to the clock, it seemed to be moving agonisingly slowly. I had some ten minutes before I would leave to meet the draconics. They were thick-skulled idiots, but they would allow me close to her. I wondered if she would remember me, if she’d be able to tell who I was through the disguise. My heart skipped a beat again when I thought back over the times I had hidden my form and watched her from afar. She carried such sadness during those days.  I hoped it had lifted. I had wanted to brush my finger over her lips and feel her smile beneath my fingertips, to whisk her away to our sanctuary. To lose ourselves in each other again, but I couldn’t. As they kept reminding me, she wasn’t mine to have. If I was very lucky, I might get to snatch some precious time with her, but she would never be mine. Not truly.
Why can’t Lee ever call her his own? Why must he settle for glances and brief moments?
Read Wyrd Calling to find the answers to those questions and more!
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