A little bit about the sirens in the world of Wyrd Calling

“Why sirens?,” I hear you ask. Well, because the Wyrd Sisters send Thalia off to stop a serial killer who’s murdering them in Wyrd Calling.

Sirens are not viewed positively. A lot of people, Thalia included, see them as nothing more than parasites. They’re often found in colonies around the base of cliffs and near bridges on large rivers. Sometimes, however, there just isn’t room or a young siren feels the need to go off and explore the wider world, and that leads to them heading into cities. It’s not such a bad thing when they’re in a colony, as they cause the suicides where people jump off the cliff or the bridge or wreck their boats on the jagged rocks. They can’t do that in the city, although they are usually to blame when someone drowns in the water obstacle on the golf course or that particularly crafty puddle.

The reason that they’re generally considered parasites is because they don’t have a positive place in the scheme of things. They kill people but they give nothing back. Fortunately, they only need to eat once every few years, but that leaves them with a lot of free time to be particularly entitled, lazy, obnoxious, arrogant, and all round unpleasant princess types.



Wyrd Calling is going absolutely fabulously. We’re onto the copy-editing and formatting stages already! I’ve also heard back from my cover artist which means that I have the hopeful date of November 7th as the release date, how exciting. <Happy writer dance>

I’m taking a short break from Wyrd Calling to let it sit so that when I go back over it I’ll be more likely to spot any little problems, that same thinking applies to my wonderful editor. I’m not sitting on my laurels though, nope, I’m still working hard. I have the rough plot in my head for Feathered Touch which is the sequel to Wyrd Calling. I’m really happy with the ideas and arcs I can ‘see’ so far. I also have the opening scene written. 😀

I’m currently making notes on various key scenes and points in Feathered Touch and should start writing it properly in the next couple of days. It has a very different tone and outlook to Wyrd Calling but I don’t view that as a bad thing.


All in all, great news, everything is going swimmingly!


Halfway There!

I’m halfway there! I have written 50% of my ideal word count for Wyrd Calling, this is incredibly exciting. I’m really pleased with how the first half of the book has developed. It’s turning out to be more character driven than I initially expected so we’ll see whether that stays that way through the editing process. Speaking of which, my editor is also very happy with what’s been written so far. <Happy dance>

For those of you who looked at my word count bar and were a bit confused, I’m not daft! I’m aiming for 90,000 words on the finished product. That means that I’m aiming for 80,000 words on this draft as I expect to add in about 10,000 words during the editing.

I haven’t completely stuck to my ‘outline’, I’m not sure if I can call it that given that it’s a bullet pointed list with six key points on it! Either way, a couple of things have changed order but I’m sure it’s better this way. The characters are coming into their own and little threads are forming which will extend into the following books.

On the topic of following books, I have the rough ideas down for the next three books in the Wyrd Bound series! I’m being a very productive little writer at the moment. I wrote over 5,000 words yesterday and am hoping to keep that momentum going now.

Squee I’m so happy!