Shiny New Cover!

I was very happy with the wonderful cover courtesy of John Lewis, it was clean, clear, striking and looked great in a thumbnail. It was never intended to be the permanent cover though. So, without further ado, here is, the final cover!

Wyrd Calling-400x600

Wyrd Calling blurb:

No one escapes the Wyrd Sisters. Thalia gave it her best shot. She ran away and devoted her life to tricking black market traders out of their money. She could only run for so long. They always catch up with you, one way or another.

Thalia is a hot-headed, stubborn, wild-child shifter who happens to be Wyrd Bound. She finds herself dragged back to her role where she must bring her new pack into line and stop a serial killer. She’d rather not have a pack and isn’t that worried about stopping the killer, but that was what she was made for. There’s only one thing Thalia really wants.


How I chose the artist.

I spent a solid 6 months researching cover artists. I looked at far more than I care to even try and remember. Reese Dante caught my eye and so I bookmarked her and kept looking. After a couple more months of looking, no one had come close to comparing to her art. I knew that she was the artist I wanted to do my cover art, no one else would do.

My experiences with her.

Reese is an absolute professional. She’s prompt in her responses and prepares thoroughly. Her turnaround with the art is fantastic and she kept me up to date throughout the entire process without cluttering my inbox with millions of questions. She’s polite, thorough, and an absolute star and pleasure to work with. I can’t recommend her highly enough and I’m very glad that I’ve hired her to do the entire Wyrd Bound series.

You can find her here:


If you’re looking for a fantastic cover artist then I very highly recommend Reese.