Wyrd Calling Is Published!

Wyrd Calling is now up on Amazon and available for pre-order! I spent the last 24 hours bouncing and dancing around like a thing possessed. I didn’t know I was capable of such glee and excitement!

There’s been a change of plans with the cover art. I’m still using the fabulous Reese but due to unforseen circumstances she can’t have the cover to me by November 7th. So, I, being the ingenius soul that I am, made up a temporary cover. Well actually a friend did, and I love it! It’s bold, striking, and wonderful.

This is the cover by John Lewis and I love it!

This is the cover by John Lewis and I love it!

So where can you find my wonderful, amazing, début novel? You can pre-order it for the very reasonable price of $3.99 right here on Amazon.

Official blurb:

No one escapes the Wyrd Sisters. Thalia gave it her best shot. She ran away and devoted her life to tricking black market traders out of their money. She could only run for so long. They always catch up with you, one way or another.

If you’re not entirely if it’s for you, then you can read the opening chapter hereIf you’re still really not sure, and I can’t imagine how that would possibly be the case 😉 Then you can read the latest review:

I was provided a free advanced release copy of  Wyrd Calling by Shen Hart, an author I know, in exchange for an unbiased review.

Wyrd Calling is a powerful and complex tale about a female shifter named Thalia who is bound by the Wyrd Sisters to solve a series of murders in a distant city.  She is ordered to assume co-leadership of a group of shifters, unwittingly paired with a partner from her dark (or should I say “even darker?”) past.  The book explores Thalia’s ambivalence about her life situation and her personal growth in the context of the pack and their mission.

Most striking to me is the author’s ability to develop characters that are complex and interesting, slowly and indirectly revealing bits and pieces until a fully relatable (or hateable, in some cases) character emerges.  There is something really unique about the way that the animalistic traits of the protagonist and her pack are conveyed.  Elements of the peaceful but distractible raven, the intimidating jaguar, and the predatory red wolf are interwoven to form Thalia, a head-strong, sensual, and sometimes brutal woman who repeatedly struggles for freedom from the Sisters as she leads her unruly pack of cubs.  And each character of the book is as thoughtfully developed as the main one.

The vivid imagery in Wyrd Calling, not only of landscape and cityscape, but of the subtleties of shape shifting itself – how the characters’ moods were reflected in the shifts of tails, ears, teeth, or jaws – was captivating.   There is also amazing imagery surrounding shadow dancing and the other energies.

I must admit, urban fantasy is not a genre I’ve read before.  I was afraid that I would be left in the cold by my lack of knowledge of the shifters, faes, elves, and other assorted beings found there.  Fortunately, all I needed to understand was woven into the story without disruption to the flow or pace of the book.

As I understand it, this is the first volume of a series.  I can’t wait for the next, not only because I’m left wondering what happens next, but because I want to fill in some of the hinted-at but not quite revealed back-story of Thalia (or is it Suriel?)!


Don’t forget, you can pre-order it here. 

Thank you to everyone for the love and support.


First Review!

I sent out the ARCs (Advanced Reviewer Copies) of Wyrd Calling at the weekend and I got my first review back earlier!

A quick book review! I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy of Wyrd Calling by +Shen Hart . You can’t find this for sale yet, but when it goes up, you may want to get a copy!

Do you enjoy reading books with shallow characters and a barely realized setting? If that’s the case… don’t pick this up. This thing goes deep. From the very beginning, it’s clear that both the characters and the world have been given considerable thought. I read the book and knew that we had just barely skimmed the surface of what there was to see. The main character is not a shallow bimbo or a straw dummy used to advance a story. She is someone with a long, complicated history and an actual personality. We get glimpses of her past as the story unfolds, but we don’t need to have everything spelled out. You don’t get your hand held with the cliché “history of everything told by a third party”. You experience the story and touch its history as you go along. The relationships between the characters are just as deep and intricate as the world is. The people in the world (Is “people” the right word? You’ll see what I mean!) don’t all have the same voice (something new writers seem to have a problem with), wants, skills, or personalities. They aren’t just static pieces that dance to the author’s tune (Dance, my pretties!). They grow and change and the entire experience is better for it. I don’t want to give away the story, but it’s a magical adventure from the very first word and leaves you crying out for more.

This genre (urban fantasy) is not my usual fare, but I’m almost sad I’m reading the book now. If I was reading this a few years from now I could keep reading the next books, which is exactly what I want to do!

Benjamin Beaulieu

To say I’m happy is a huge understatement! I am grinning like a Cheshire cat and bouncing around like a fool. To see people enjoying my work is an absolutely incredible feeling.

I have thanked them a number of times before but I have to do it again – thank you to all of my advanced reviewers, you’re all absolute stars and godsends.



Wyrd Calling is going absolutely fabulously. We’re onto the copy-editing and formatting stages already! I’ve also heard back from my cover artist which means that I have the hopeful date of November 7th as the release date, how exciting. <Happy writer dance>

I’m taking a short break from Wyrd Calling to let it sit so that when I go back over it I’ll be more likely to spot any little problems, that same thinking applies to my wonderful editor. I’m not sitting on my laurels though, nope, I’m still working hard. I have the rough plot in my head for Feathered Touch which is the sequel to Wyrd Calling. I’m really happy with the ideas and arcs I can ‘see’ so far. I also have the opening scene written. 😀

I’m currently making notes on various key scenes and points in Feathered Touch and should start writing it properly in the next couple of days. It has a very different tone and outlook to Wyrd Calling but I don’t view that as a bad thing.


All in all, great news, everything is going swimmingly!


First Post!

What on Earth is all about I hear you crying!

This is the result of me falling head over heels for my Urban Fantasy novel Wyrd Calling which is the first in the series Wyrd Bound. You see, I got a little bit too hooked on the excitement and sharing all the fabulous updates and bits with the readers of my personal blog, so I had to give it its own space. Yep, this right here is my corner of the internet, where I get to squee over my progress, cry over the misbehaving characters, and dance around in glee at the milestones.

What is Wyrd Bound all about? 

I’m glad you asked! Wyrd Bound is an Urban Fantasy series of as-yet-undetermined length which I’m currently working on. The first book in the series is Wyrd Calling, which you can find out a bit more about here. In short, it follows Thalia, the Wyrd Bound shifter as she tries to free herself of the Wyrd Sisters (they’re the Norse equivalent of the Fates). Unfortunately for her, they have no intentions of letting her go, so she gets sent off to fulfil tasks for the Sisters. Wyrd Calling sees her having to stop a serial killer who’s targeting sirens. 

Of course there’s much more to it than that. Thalia must come to terms with her old bonds and try to find a way to get on with her new pack. All in all, Wyrd Bound is a dark, gritty Urban Fantasy.

When and where can I purchase this amazing book?

If all goes to plan, then Wyrd Calling will be published in early November 2014.

Thanks for stopping by, I’m sure you’ll soon be as excited about this fantastic book as I am. Until then, enjoy the taster of the wonderful, weird world of the Wyrd here.