A Favourite Scene.

With the release date being tentatively set for 7th November I’m sharing some scenes and background information which had previously being kept exclusively to the newsletter.

Today I share one of my favourite scenes from Wyrd Calling with you!

Please note that this is not the final copy of the scene. It will be copy edited and proofread at least three more times before publication. 

I had to fight to stop myself from hopping from foot to foot as I stood for a moment and looked around the store, I had to decide how I was going about it. I had, of course, brought my largest bag with me. A shiny thing caught my eye, and I made myself walk slowly and calmly over to a collection of pearl bracelets. They weren’t really my style, but I couldn’t help running my fingers over the smooth pearls and watching the way the light moved over them like a pale cream oil slick, various shades shifting and moving. I was captivated, for a moment anyway. Then it was gone, onto the next thing. A pitch-black silk top quickly grabbed me; it shone deep blue in the light, reminding me of the feathers I desperately wanted to shift. I felt my eyes changing and the familiar painful itch of a couple of feathers down my spine as I looked the top over. I took a deep breath and settled myself. No shifting, especially in public. The top had thin straps and draped itself over the wearer’s body, showing every curve without clinging too tightly. I had to have it. So I did.

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Wyrd Calling is going absolutely fabulously. We’re onto the copy-editing and formatting stages already! I’ve also heard back from my cover artist which means that I have the hopeful date of November 7th as the release date, how exciting. <Happy writer dance>

I’m taking a short break from Wyrd Calling to let it sit so that when I go back over it I’ll be more likely to spot any little problems, that same thinking applies to my wonderful editor. I’m not sitting on my laurels though, nope, I’m still working hard. I have the rough plot in my head for Feathered Touch which is the sequel to Wyrd Calling. I’m really happy with the ideas and arcs I can ‘see’ so far. I also have the opening scene written. 😀

I’m currently making notes on various key scenes and points in Feathered Touch and should start writing it properly in the next couple of days. It has a very different tone and outlook to Wyrd Calling but I don’t view that as a bad thing.


All in all, great news, everything is going swimmingly!



This is the digital portrait by the fantastically talented Tressa Green of Thalia! I couldn’t be happier with it. 



Tressa captured her sad eyes and the way that she’s ready to rip someone’s throat out at a moment’s notice. The background is where Thalia loves fae bars with their hallucinogenic drinks. 

Professional Edits.

I have been very busy!

I’ve done my own round of edits on Wyrd Calling and am now going over the first round of professional edits! It’s a bit scary but I work with an incredibly talented editor who has wonderful things to say about Wyrd Calling. I’ve also written a proper blurb for it and am waiting to start work on the cover art! Squee it’s all coming together. 

I’m so happy with how it’s all coming together. I’ve also written a short story, well more of an important scene, from the point of view of one of the secondary characters. That will only be made available to subscribers of the Wyrd Calling newsletter though (you can subscribe here ). I’m all about related short stories and diving into my character’s heads and I’m really glad that I did it this time. It’s brought forward an event from that character’s history which will now add another layer and more depth to Wyrd Calling. ::Happy dance::

So everything’s going fabulously fantastically, I’m really hoping for an early November release but we’ll see how the cover art timeline works out. 



I’ve done it!

My gods I’ve only gone and completed the first draft of Wyrd Calling!

It’s a fantastic feeling and one which has been too long in coming. Wyrd Calling is the fourth book which I’ve completed but the first which I plan on taking to publication. I’m so incredibly excited and happy about the entire thing. The ending is quite how I’d pictured it when I first started it and some twists and turns occurred, but I feel like the book and the series are better for them.

I’m really happy with the cast of characters and how they develop throughout the story, as well as the plot itself. I can’t wait to dive in and begin editing it. I have contacted the cover artist I want to work with, and my editor is ready to work on it when I’ve done my own edits. It’s fantastically exciting!

I won’t have a set publication date until all of the edits are complete but I’m really hoping for October. We’ll see!

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Not A Role Model.

I’m officially past the 70% mark on my ideal word count! Squee!


Ahem, now that that little celebration is out of the way I’ll get back to the actual topic at hand. Thalia, as you know, is the protagonist in Wyrd Calling. She is not, by any stretch of the imagination a good role model. I won’t give away too many details, you’ll have to wait for the book 😉

That being said, she is irresponsible, far from a traditional hero, and thinks nothing of trying to harm those she’s been sent off to save. I love it. She’s fantastic fun to write because of that. She has very real flaws which shine through and dictate her actions, which then affect the plot and the other characters. Her emotions are strong and very rarely kept in check which gives me something to sink my teeth into.

What I’m saying here is, Thalia provides a real rollercoaster ride. She’s not straight-forward or a clear-cut good guy. There is no crisp white shining hero with her, she’s all sorts of fun shades of grey and black. That’s amazingly fun to write and I hope it’ll be incredibly fun to read too.

Halfway There!

I’m halfway there! I have written 50% of my ideal word count for Wyrd Calling, this is incredibly exciting. I’m really pleased with how the first half of the book has developed. It’s turning out to be more character driven than I initially expected so we’ll see whether that stays that way through the editing process. Speaking of which, my editor is also very happy with what’s been written so far. <Happy dance>

For those of you who looked at my word count bar and were a bit confused, I’m not daft! I’m aiming for 90,000 words on the finished product. That means that I’m aiming for 80,000 words on this draft as I expect to add in about 10,000 words during the editing.

I haven’t completely stuck to my ‘outline’, I’m not sure if I can call it that given that it’s a bullet pointed list with six key points on it! Either way, a couple of things have changed order but I’m sure it’s better this way. The characters are coming into their own and little threads are forming which will extend into the following books.

On the topic of following books, I have the rough ideas down for the next three books in the Wyrd Bound series! I’m being a very productive little writer at the moment. I wrote over 5,000 words yesterday and am hoping to keep that momentum going now.

Squee I’m so happy!